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SUMMITTEK is committed to our customers with timely and efficient before and after-sale service.Our dependable, skilled service teams composed of experienced engineers and technicians will reach your continuous casting lines within 48 hours upon calling.


We understand that no contiuous casting lines are the same. Therefore we always apply a case by case apporach when we provide our technical assistance.


For example, when it comes to optimizing the lifetime of customers' copper mould tubes, there are a wide range of parameters to consider : Chemistry of cast steel, mould flux, casting speed, mould taper, wall thickness, cooling conditions (water quality, flow rate, velocity), adjustment of strand guide, adjustment of oscillating unit, width changes, etc. Therefore, we have to carefully look at each individual case for fine tuning and provide solutions specific to our customers' applications.



SUMMITTEK is systematically expanding its services by co-ordinating its world-wide network of professional engineers for total customer satisfaction in order to guarantee the highest reliability of plants and products supplied by the SUMMITTEK Group.


Our technical support can be easily reached---Just Call


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