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SUMMITTEK CO. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of copper mould tubes and mould plates for continous casting machines.


SUMMITTEK mould products are of highest quality available and are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards. With multiple sources and complete manufacturing capabilities in our facility, we produce mould tubes and plates quickly and competitively and serve a global market.

Our mould tubes and plates are made from the highest grade copper chrome zirconim and/or silver bearing copper to meet our rigid internal specifications for metallurgical properties and materials strength.


Using our advanced high-speed CNC machining centers, we can efficiently machine copper mould tubes and plates of virtually any size to precise specifications. Our precision high-speed machining technology allows us to accurately and quickly machine the complex contours and profiles required by many designs while holding extremely tight tolerances.


Our copper mould tubes are supplied in the shape of square, rectangular and round with sizes up to 16000 mm in casting radius and with a wide selection of coatings, including nickel and chrome coatings.

Our copper mould plates are supplied in the shape of slab, beam blank, rectangular, thin slab and ultra-thin slab with sizes up to 3600 mm in length, 2500 mm in width and 350 mm in thickness. Our copper mould plates are offered with various types of coatings to customers' specifications, including Ni, Ni-Fe, Ni-Co, Co-Ni and Cr coatings.


SUMMITTEK also supplies high quality oxygen lance and lance tips to steel making industries.


SUMMITTEK's products are widely recognized among major steel plants around the world. Our customer base is highlighted by some leading manufacturers in steel industries, such as ArcelorMittal,Nippon Steel, Etc.

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