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SUMMITTEK provides a reliable and high-quality source of copper plates of various sizes and shapes. Thanks to our most current technology and rich field experiences, SUMMITTEK's copper plates enjoys the following technical strength:
1. Both Cr-Zr-Cu and Cu-Ag copper alloys materials are available at customers’ choice.
2. High-Precision machining by our CNC work centers ensures that the water channels, bolt holes and tapers of mould plates precisely machined which leads to an ideal slab casting quality and service life.


3. Our SuperBond coating technologies ensure uniform and adhesive coating on copper mould surface which prolongs the service life of mould plates significantly.

4. Our Patented CHAÒ (Computerized Heat-Flux Analysis) technology enables us to analyze the heat flux distributions over the hot faces of broad and narrow plates on basis of finely built 3-D models, which leads to an in-depth evaluation of the effects of the structures, locations of water channels and bolt holes of copper mould plates on casting quality and speeds.  SUMMITTEK is one of the few companies who master such know-hows.

5. Wide range of applications due to our advanced CAD/CAM technologies


SUMMITTEK mould plates can meet the following applications:

Hydraulic vibration/Electro-magnetic stir (EMS)/ online width adjusting

BSP/CSP/FTSR for thin slab CCM


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