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To provide the quality and quantity our customers require, SUMMITTEK employs the integrated and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing capabilities. Our manufacturing facility includes 9 sets of large, medium and small hydraulic press, 8 CNC machine centers, 2 sets of special NC processing machines , electro plating equipments and a world class metallurgical laboratory.


As a result, we can regularly produce and ship regular and custom made copper mould tubes, copper plate moulds and tuyeres with consistent and very short mill delivery schedules.


SUMMITTEK offers machining for even the most demanding applications. Our CNC machines are capable of producing any required shapes.


Our production process: Hot Extrusion---Cold Drawing—Acid Picking---Cold Forming---Chrome Plating---Machining---Angle Forming--- Inspection ---Marking & Packing


SUMMITTE supports their clients to achieve best performance by achieving constant taper / mould geometry improvements for grade range and casting speed requirements. We are also dedicated to the constant development of mould geometry for defect free Production.


To increase the lifetime of muld tubes, SUMMITTEK provides uniform mould interior surface plating with proper levels of harness.The chrome plating provides a hardwearing surface resistant to abrasion and chemical attack. It has been instrumental in extending the operational capability of the mold in line with modern production demands. By not wearing appreciably, longer campaigns are possible between mold exchanges, achieving high caster availability. In addition, the protection offered by the coating gives extended moult tubelife, resulting in annual copper savings and delivering significant reductions in both on and off-line maintenance costs.



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